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An Overdue Update on SoundBed Production

Dear Opus Friends,

Christopher here, CEO & Co-Founder of Opus.

I really want you to read what I'm about to share, and I want to begin by saying that this message serves as an invitation to experience SoundBed.

Madison R, June 2022

I'm also going to answer some of the burning questions we have received:

Question #1. “Is this a real company?”
Question #2. “Seriously Y’all! When will I get my SoundBed!?!?”
Question #3. “What the &@^%# is taking so long?!!?”
Question #4. “Where can I try it?”


I want SoundBed in your home as soon as possible. It’s why as co-founders, Adam and I started this journey, and it motivates us daily. Our intention over the last few months was to prepare an announcement of the shipping dates and they kept changing…

We faced some challenges with wins along the way, and it seemed like confident ship dates were just over the horizon. The reality is that we don’t have confidence in an exact ship date just yet.

We truly felt that no one would want to hear from us unless we had a ship date; we didn’t even realize what it looked like from your perspective - us going completely dark. So now we’ve decided we are going to share with you and take you on the full journey - not just the highlight reel.

This journey has taught me a lot about the power of vulnerability, and today I am here to practice that by answering some difficult questions we have received from you, our amazing and oh-so-patient supporters.

Question #1. “Is this a real company?”

This is a reasonable question given the lack of communication.

Please know a team of 50+ passionate humans are committed to bringing SoundBed to the world and ensuring it is the life changing and affirming product you have been promised.

From Left, Anna James (Communications Strategist), Josh Draper (Sessions and Content Manager), Adam Schlender (Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer), Christopher Schenk (Co-Founder and CEO), Rahul Sangave (Programs Manager), and Melissa Persichetti (Chief of Staff).

When the first SoundBeds were assembled 3 years ago, they were just plywood boards with electronics from Amazon screwed into them. Despite all of the wires, duct tape, and splinters, they helped people reliably feel better in one 7-minute session and inspired the vision that has since become OPUS.

Top Left: First SoundBed: Top Right: First SoundBed Assembly Line, Bottom: First SoundBed Sessions

OPUS is now a very real, venture-backed company. We’ve come an incredibly long way in a short amount of time and we wouldn’t be here now without your trust, as well as that of the partners and investors who believed in the vision early on and have supported us along the way.

While we know that waiting is not easy, we also know it is going to be so worth the wait.

Question #2. “Seriously Ya’ll! When will I get my SoundBed!?!?” (from a customer in our native Texas)

While we are now confident that the first SoundBeds will begin shipping in Quarter 4 of this year, the truth is I can’t in good faith make you any other promises around delivery dates at this time.

Question #3. “What the &@^%# is taking so long?!!?” 

Every feature that makes SoundBed innovative is also significantly affected by current global supply chain challenges.  I personally have 12 years of manufacturing experience, but making such an innovative and complex product at scale in the current environment has proven to require real superpowers.

In March of this year, we believed we’d start manufacturing by summer. Then, for one example of many, we learned that the lead time from our power supply vendor went from 3 weeks to 9 months, virtually overnight. By May, it felt like we had to put the whole puzzle back together from scratch. 

I want to offer the most heartfelt apology for not letting you know this was happening in real time. We should have provided you with an update as soon as we realized we wouldn’t hit our mark. Going forward, I am committed to providing more frequent status updates as well as behind-the-scenes moments on our social channels. 

Good News!!

We’ve secured a new manufacturing partner that has helped us quickly put the supply chain puzzle back together, decrease time to production, and will support us in bringing innovative new products to market in much less time moving forward.

Question #4. “Where can I try it?” (Says everyone who hasn’t)

Great question. Let’s figure it out together! As we ramp up for production, we want to begin offering exclusive SoundBed sessions as soon as possible.  

If you are interested, please share your information so we can create the best experience ever. 

Interested? Click Here.

I truly believe the world needs the best versions of us now more than ever, and that SoundBed is one of the best ways to practice feeling better, on purpose, together, everyday. 

In summary, we are committed to sending out more frequent updates, we’ve found solutions to the most complicated pieces of our supply chain, and we want you to have the opportunity to experience SoundBed before it arrives in your home. 

Stay tuned (pun intended).

With Gratitude,
Christopher Schenk, CEO

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