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It’s like a home gym for your heart.

Dr. Heather Wdowin, NMD
Naturopathic Medical Doctor

Opus provides a life-changing, radically authentic self-care protocol

Jesse Elder
Founder, Sovereign Planet

The most profound experience of my life to date.

Rob Dial
The Mindset Mentor Podcast

Immersive SoundHealing
for Emotional Fitness

Combining Spatial Sound and Spatial Vibration to shift how you feel within minutes

7,141 Soundbeds Reserved

Opus is currently offering a $199 deposit to reserve a SoundBed™ with a $500 discount. This is for a limited time only and is the best discount we will be offering going forward. Save $500 on an Opus SoundBed™ while you still can!

100% Refund Guarantee

30-Day Home Trial

2-Year Limited Warranty

Design on purpose

We designed OPUS to be a stylish complement to any living room for the purpose of eliminating barriers to daily at-home use. We believe OPUS will empower users to take control of their emotional health and allow sound medicine to return to the mainstream.

Yves Béhar

Swiss designer, entrepreneur and an educator

Stowable & Portable

Easily folds into a compact conversation piece when not in use

Stowable & Portable

Easily folds into a compact conversation piece when not in use


  • What is OPUS™?

    OPUS™ is like a home gym for your heart. SoundBed™ uses vibroacoustic technology to deliver low-frequency vibrations throughout your body that quickly releases you out of stress response and into a place of deep relaxation and receptivity. The OPUS™ platform will include journeys, live experiences, guides and community to support you on your path to greater emotional fitness.

  • Why we do it

    The better we can guide and elevate our emotions, the more powerfully we meet the demands of life, the more consciously we can shift our feeling state, and the stronger our relationships and ability to create the life we desire.

    With this Immersive SoundHealing™ method, you can reliably shift and sustain whatever energetic state you desire, whether that’s deeper calm and relaxation, improved focus and performance, or heightened creativity and connection to purpose.

    And to top it off - the experience simply feels great, like being immersed in a cocoon of pleasurable sensation. It’s the way we are taking the “work” out of “inner work.”

  • How does it work?

    This is a vibroacoustic SoundBed™ that allows you to listen to meditations, frequencies, music and translates it into a full somatic experience of vibration throughout the body. It can be used to amplify other modalities such as meditation, breath work, SoundHealing™, and more.

  • What are the Size & Specs of the bed?

    It rolls up into a beautiful, compact design, so you can easily stow it in any room or take it with you somewhere.

    • 5 Customizable Tactile Transducers
    • Multi-Port USB-B/C Bridge/Hub 2 x USB 2.0/3.0 Input(s), 2 x USB-C Inputs(s)
    • Connectivity Bluetooth 5.0 LT
    • Power Supply External Medical Grade Power Supply (85-240v Input, 50/60Hz)
    • In-Use Dimensions 71 x 24 x 24 inches
    • Stored Dimensions 24 x 24 x 24 inches
    • Sound In/Out Aux Line In/Out, 7.1 Dolby Sound, Microphone Input
    • Certifications UL/CSA/FCC/TUV, Fully HIPPA Compliant, FDA 21 CFR Part 820 Compliant (ISO 13485)
  • What frequencies are used?

    It can channel a wide range of frequencies. There will be many diverse audio journeys you can experience that will integrate different frequencies, isometric tones, etc. aligned with different parts and energies of the body and desired brainwave states. The bed itself vibrates at deeper hz while the audio (headphone) experience will be the full range of audible frequencies.

    We're collaborating with experienced audio and vibroacoustic engineers, sound healers, expert guides and others in the "music as medicine" space to ensure that the content for SoundBed™ (including frequencies used) is optimized for the three pillars of our emotional fitness approach - to restore (heal), to shift (elevate), and to create (attract). SoundBed™ is a very powerful tool and we take our responsibility very seriously for ensuring a safe and optimal experience.

  • Can I use this in my wellness center?

    The OPUS™ SoundBed™ can be used both in wellness centers as well as for personal use in homes, apartments, etc.

    We know what a great addition SoundBed™ will be to existing wellness practices. So, we're integrating with many wellness centers, spas, healing spaces. etc. We'd love to include you on our healing practitioners email list. This list includes specific information on how to integrate SoundBed™ into your healing centers and other best practices.

    Please fill out this form so we can get more information about your business.

  • When will the product be available?

    We are currently in pre-production and will be launching and shipping in 2022. We can't wait for you to experience SoundBed™.

  • Do you offer a warranty?

    Your SoundBed™ comes with a 2-Year Limited Warranty beginning the date it is delivered to your home.

  • What is the refund policy?

    Upon delivery of your SoundBed, you will enjoy a 30-Day risk free, at-home trial.

  • Is the $199 deposit refundable?

    Yes, absolutely! Please send us a message via our contact form with “Please Refund” in the subject line.

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100% Refund Guarantee

30-Day Home Trial

2-Year Limited Warranty