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It's Happening!

Greetings OPUS Family!

Adam here, Co Founder & Chief Product Officer, with an exciting product update. 

Last month I was with our team at the factory evaluating the tooling for SoundBed’s 86 custom components, in essence, testing the machines that make the immersive sound healing machines.   

See snapshot below:

I’m thrilled to report that everything looks and feels amazing and production is underway!

“Great News! So when can I get my SoundBed?”

We’re taking a thoughtful approach to production by initially delivering small batches to select cities over the summer. Afterward, we will gradually increase production and expand to nationwide deliveries in the fall.  

If you already have a pre-order reservation, please keep an eye on your inbox to ensure you don’t miss your invitation to complete your order and secure your delivery window.

If you haven’t placed a preorder, now would be a good time.

Click Here to Reserve your SoundBed

This marks a major milestone on our mission to empower a more emotionally fit world.  It feels amazing to know that many of you will soon be able to practice feeling better everyday with SoundBed.

Stay Tuned,


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