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OPUS End Of Year Update - 2023

From the moment we started creating SoundBed, we knew that developing such an innovative product would be a challenge, one well worth the wave of impact it will have on those seeking to feel better and be their best selves.

First Waves of Impact: SoundBed's Initial Customer Impressions

Despite the hurdles, the reception of SoundBed has been incredibly positive. The first customers of our initial production batches are currently averaging 6.5 sessions per week per SoundBed, which is a testament to SoundBed’s transformative impact.

SoundBed Initial Customer Impressions

Production Update & Delivery Timelines

Producing SoundBeds at volume has proven far more complex than anyone could have anticipated. Elon Musk’s words resonate deeply with our experience: “The difficulty of manufacturing is proportional to the amount of new technology that you have in a product... we are in uncharted territory, because it is not like anything else.”

Given SoundBed’s multiple patented technologies, this statement captures the essence of the challenges we’ve had to overcome through force of will and a deep commitment to our customers and mission.

Our biggest challenge was pausing production due to the critical need for manually firmware updates on our first major shipment. Once this issue was resolved, our logistics partners’ reduced capacity over Black Friday and Christmas limited the number of SoundBed’s that could leave our warehouse each day, creating an overall bottleneck in our supply chain. This has resulted in a 2 month delay on most orders and, due to the unfortunate timing of our manufacturers shutdown for Chinese New Year in January, a small number of batches will experience additional delays. We’re fulfilling orders as fast as we can and following up with customers directly on email based on when they ordered to let them know when their SoundBed may arrive.

The good news is that, as of today, our logistics partners are back up to full speed and the early production challenges are behind us. We are confident in our ability to deliver as estimated moving forward and extremely confident that when SoundBed arrives at your door it will feel well worth the wait.

Customer Feedback on SoundBed

Feel Better with the Power of Sound

While OPUS sessions are designed to be amplified by the vibration of SoundBed’s patented immersive audio system, we are amazed by the global reach of the audio-only versions of our sessions and the incredible number of listeners who have utilized them to practice feeling better everyday.

OPUS Sessions

We invite you to experience them for yourself via Spotify, and Youtube in anticipation of receiving your own SoundBed. As a cherished member of the OPUS family, we're excitedly counting down the days until you embark on this remarkable journey with us and you too will say, “Wow, that was worth the wait!”

With immense gratitude and excitement for what lies ahead,

Christopher & The OPUS Team

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