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Reaction Video: SoundBed Special Delivery

Thank you SO MUCH for all the love on my recent video. In case you missed it, you can check it here.

Our journey began with the intention of making transcendent healing experiences more accessible in our everyday lives. This led us to the invention now known as SoundBed, an innovation designed to reliably offer a "WOW" experience – an encounter of profound emotion so strong it transcends language.

To be here now, on the verge of delivering SoundBeds to thousands of people in the coming months, is the most fulfilling accomplishment of my life.

It’s truly a dream come true that we are now able to share this experience with our earliest supporters including some of our dearest friends and family.

Miki Agrawal is all of the above: Powerhouse entrepreneur, world-class creative, and one of the first to place a pre-order for SoundBed after trying an early prototype when we met at an event way back in the fall of 2020.

Check out this video from Miki sharing her unboxing and first session experience:


This is just the beginning. Now that we've 'birthed' SoundBed, our role transitions to stewardship as it takes on a life of its own. I'm genuinely excited to share what we've created with all of you and to engage you in the creative process as we develop what OPUS becomes moving forward.

If you’d like to contribute to the WOW, you can find the first opportunity by clicking here.

Wishing you all the WOWs,

Adam Schlender
Co-Founder & CPO

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