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SoundBed Manufacturing Starts Soon

Hey OPUS Family, 

So much has happened in the last few months and we’re gaining momentum towards getting SoundBed into production.

My co-founder and our chief product officer, Adam, will be in the factory this month to inspect the first SoundBed off the assembly line and officially kick off SoundBed production. 

In the coming months we plan to begin producing SoundBed in small batches before gradually scaling production to ensure every SoundBed we deliver is of the highest quality and exceeds your expectations.

We will first begin fulfilling our current pre-orders soon. If you have already placed a pre-order, I will start reaching out to you via email when your order is closer to production scheduling. These emails are an important next step to complete your order, so please make sure to keep an eye out for them.

If you have not yet placed your pre-order, now would be the right moment to lock your place in line

SoundBed is uniquely capable of producing sensations ranging from soothing rain to booming thunder throughout your entire body. In as little as 7 minutes a day, SoundBed can help you feel more at ease by regulating your emotions. Being proactive with your emotional fitness can help stay grounded and calm through the challenges we inevitably face in life. 

Have a listen to these direct experiences:

We’re now on Spotify!

We invite you to follow our official OPUS Spotify profile. Here we will be releasing headphone-only versions of some of our favorite OPUS Sessions. 

DISCLAIMER: These releases are a preview into the world of OPUS Sessions, but the experience will be dramatically enhanced with SoundBed.  Imagine the difference between watching a great movie on your TV vs. experiencing it with surround sound in 4D.

Our first release, “Attract” is an original three-part journey produced by Equanimous and guided by Ruby Chase.  Released late last year, it has already garnered over 500k listens!

As you listen, I’d recommend laying down and listening in a quiet space as you imagine feeling the Hawaiian ocean waves rolling through your body. Enjoy. 

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our awesome customer support team at

With Love,
Christopher Schenk
Co-Founder & CEO

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