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SoundBed | Shipping, Production & Quality Control

When we began SoundBed production, we said we’d start with small batches delivered to select cities this summer.

With mass production now well underway, this month we’re delivering SoundBeds to many of our earliest customers throughout Texas and the LA metro area.

Check out this video shared by a proud SoundBed owner as they find the perfect home in their home for SoundBed and experience it for the first time:


In other news, quality control testing at our factory has far exceeded industry standards, giving us the confidence to scale production and deliver more SoundBeds to more homes sooner than expected, including adding new batches that will deliver just in time for the holidays.

To deepen our commitment to delivering the highest quality product and an outstanding experience, we're implementing an additional quality control test at the warehouse before your unit embarks on its journey to your door.

If you have yet to reserve your SoundBed or complete your order, we highly recommend doing so as these batches will fill up fast.

If you have already completed your order, stay tuned for batch related update emails with updated delivery windows and important details for receiving your SoundBed for the first time.

With love,
Christopher Schenk
Co-Founder & CEO

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