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See How SoundBed Gets You Feeling (and Living) Better

Discover how SoundBed’s Immersive SoundHealing sessions help you to calm your mind, relax your body, open your heart, and unlock your highest potential.

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The Power of Immersive SoundHealing

Feel Better In As Little As 7 Minutes

SoundBed’s Immersive SoundHealing approach combines the ancient practices of sound & vibration as medicine with modern science and proven self-care practices to empower you to feel better on purpose.

Relax & Revitalise Your Body

Clear & Optimize Your Mind

Regulate & Elevate Your Emotions

Actualize Your Purpose

Read on to discover how Immersive SoundHealing positively impacts your entire self - heart, mind and body - to help you release stress, elevate your emotions, and perform and live at your best.

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The Opus SoundBed is so crazy. Frequencies that were like 'I love you, and your heart is safe with me. And I just want to take you where I want to take you, and I need you to trust me.' That's what my body feels like right now. Cutting edge frequency, vibration, exercise for your spirit, soul and heart in a way that I cannot explain with words. This feels so good and I want to go back.

Relax & Revitalise Your Body

When your body is stuck in your sympathetic nervous system (“fight or flight” stress response), you’re more likely to suffer from low energy, sickness, soreness and more.

Immersive SoundHealing’s targeted spatial vibration allows you to drop into that relaxed, parasympathetic state reliability. From that place we allow our body’s natural intelligence to take over, resulting in faster healing, recovery and calm.

Use SoundBed to help melt away stress at the end of a long day, prep or recover from a workout, or calm yourself before bed for a restful night’s sleep.

Clear & Optimize Your Mind

Most of the time our minds are caught up in stories about the past or worries about the future, and it causes us a lot of stress and anxiety and makes it difficult to stay present and focused.

When you’re in your SoundBed session, your mind is powerfully drawn into the present moment through vibration and spatial sound.

Utilizing our unique entrainment technology and guided practices, you can consciously choose what mental state - creativity, calm focus, deep relaxation - you desire to step in, as well as rewrite those old stories you’ve been holding onoto.

You can clear out old high-friction thoughts and enter your desired state, whether that’s deep relaxation, centered energy, rest before sleep, or energy to start your day.

You’ll find you deal with less mental chatter, sharpen your mindset, and have more clarity around your present and future. Many beta users report receiving new insights or ideas during or right after their experience.

Use SoundBed to supercharge your morning routine, quick optimization throughout the day, or for extended sessions to help rewire your mind and receive creative insights.

Regulate & Elevate Your Emotions

Both ancient traditions and modern science teach us that our hearts play a powerful role (emotionally and physiologically) in how we deal with difficulty and live a life of purpose and fulfillment.

Increasing your HRV (level of heart coherence) has been proven to decrease stress, aid in physical recovery, cultivate positive feelings, and enhance higher-level brain functioning.

The better we get at feeling, the better we get at life.

Immersive SoundHealing is like a “home gym for your heart,” leveraging sound, vibration, and guidance to help you regulate your emotions more effectively and get better at feeling better.

Use SoundBed to amplify your meditation and other self-care practices, to emotionally prepare or recover from a big experience, or to assist with the “deep work” of healing from the past.

Actualize Your Purpose

OPUS comes from Magnum Opus, or the “great artististic work of your life.”

When your mind, body and heart are all attuned and on the same team, that’s when you begin to truly live your highest potential and purpose.

Studies have shown that a connection to purpose is a strong indicator of greater success in all areas of life - relationships, career, physical vitality, and more.

A common sentiment from our beta testers is that they leave a SoundBed session feeling “like more of who I truly am.”

Immersive SoundHealing connects you with your true nature, helping you release old stories and patterns and over time embody the best version of you that you know is inside of you.


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